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Hello, it's nice to meet you, I'm

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My Story

I have always been inclined towards the helping profession. That's why I pursued a Master's degree in Professional Counseling, and later became a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Trauma Therapist.


While working with clients, I realized that there is a gap in their healing process. Counseling sessions can help them learn about themselves, but what happens after that? What if they need help implementing the healthy tools they learned, or regular accountability? That's where life coaching can be of great help. As a Certified Life Coach, I'm here to assist you in setting goals, finding clarity, and building the confidence you need to navigate your journey in your own way.


My education and desire to help others have created an environment that is solution-focused, supportive, and encouraging. We all have strengths, but sometimes we need someone to help us identify and use them effectively.


I am excited to meet you and learn more about your journey!


I am always looking for new change seekers.  

Let's connect.


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